Military Wall Tributes


Our wall tribute plaque is approx 12" in Diameter and can be customized and personalized as desired with few limitations. We also make a 6" Desktop version for shelf or table display and even a 4" ornament size.

We are not limited to just military theme products, we cater to other professional organizations such as Policemen, Firemen, EMT 's, Schools, Corporations, Clubs and Organizations, Religious, Fraternities, sororities, and even Family Reunions. The possibilities are unlimited - just ask.

We will let you know if it cant be done. For example we can transfer the likeness of sholder patches, badges, and logos onto a tribute plaque. In fact we even do dog tribute plaques, for our dog lovers.

Our products make a great gift or award to honor and recognize thate someone or something special in our lives.

Images are coming!


There are currently no products in this collection. Please check back later.

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